BBC – Gardeners’ Question Time: The Four Seasons

An exclusive edition of the perennially popular BBC Radio 4 series for gardeners everywhere.

Gardening can be both a challenge and a joy. Get it right, and it can provide boundless pleasure; get it wrong, and it is a source of infinite frustration. Help is at hand, however, in this specially recorded Gardeners Question Time compilation, in which the regular team offers all-year round advice on everything from plants and planting to pests, diseases, design and seasonally topical tips.

Chairman Eric Robson and panelists Matthew Biggs, John Cushnie, Bob Flowerdew, Pippa Greenwood, Bunny Guinness, Roy Lancaster and Anne Swithinbank address key gardening questions for every season. They include: how to protect your container plants from winter frost; how to ensure your spring bulbs flower; how to grow summer vegetables in a tiny courtyard, and how to find trees or shrubs that provide stunning autumn colour.

Theres also a plethora of information for any time of year, such as how to attract birds into your garden, obtain the perfect lawn, and clean and maintain your pond. Best of all, the number one question from gardeners – how can I get rid of slugs and snails? – is authoritatively answered. So join the team in the potting shed, and look forward to a whole year of trouble-free gardening!

Author: BBC
Narrator: Eric Robson, Matthew Biggs, John Cushnie, Bob Flowerdew, Pippa Greenwood, Bunny Guinness, Roy Lancaster, Anne Swithinbank
Duration: 1 hr and 59 minutes
Released: 11 May 2010
Publisher: BBC Worldwide Ltd
Language: English

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User Review:

mixup double-digit

I used to listen on line. Great insight into British cooking and specialties of the various regions. Also a dash of history. Love the panel.

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