Brandon Novak – Dreamseller: An Addiction Memoir

Skateboarder and Jackass star Brandon Novak comes clean about his crazy rise to fame, tailspin into addiction, and other death-defying stunts on the road to recovery…

At seven, Brandon was a skateboard prodigy. By the time he was fourteen, he was living the dream. Discovered by skate legends Bucky Lasek and Tony Hawk. Touring the U.S. with the elite Powell-Peralta team. Signing autographs and appearing in films and magazines. Brandon had it all. Then he got hooked on heroin.

Soon the up-and-coming star was living a down-and-out life in a garage, begging for change, and hustling to score his next fix. He stole from his family and friends. He pushed the fantasy that everything was okay, that he was going to rehab, getting help, and getting better. But it was all a lie.

This is the story of an addicta dreamseller who stopped believing the lies he was selling and started believing in himself. With the help of his celebrity buddy Bam Margera of Jackass fame, Brandon joined the cast of MTVs Viva La Bam and made an honest reach for sobriety. The road was hard, and he had some falls. But like any great skateboarder, Brandon Novak was always determined to get up again . . .

Author: Brandon Novak
Narrator: Joseph Frantz
Duration: 8 hours 16 minutes
Released: 28 Mar 2017
Publisher: Citadel
Language: English

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User Review:

blessing intolerable

Great Book. Highlighting the ease at which it will consume even the most unlikeliest of victims. Admiration for anyone that can beat this stuff. Nigh on impossibility. Brandon still struggling with it as far as I know. Respect tho, you are not alone.

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