Erin Blakemore – The FDA Just Declared War on Cookie Dough

Its a dangerous world out there – from geopolitical turmoil to new epidemics, it can sometimes seem as if potential hazards lurk around every corner. But dont try to handle the fear by licking the beaters while baking or burying yourself in a bowl of homemade cookie dough. The Food and Drug Administration is warning Americans to put down the raw cookie dough or risk severe health consequences.

“The FDA Just Declared War on Cookie Dough” is from, published on June 30, 2016.

Author: Erin Blakemore
Narrator: Desiree Fultz
Duration: 3 minutes
Released: 16 Jun 2007
Publisher: Smithsonian
Language: English

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vegetarian awkward

This article is about a 300-year-old poop! So funny! I can’t believe that they actually put the poop on display at a museum!

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