Jerry Robbins – The Plimoth Adventure – Voyage of Mayflower

From the journal of William Bradford, this audio production dramatizes the trials and tribulations of the Pilgrims and the events that lead up to their sailing from Southampton, England in the year 1620.

“Jerry Robbins and the Colonial Radio Players bring to life the persecution and betrayals of the Puritans, while still in Europe, that compelled their flight to the New World. [It] is historically correct, and remains both exciting and fun. This audio presentation has a full cast and music score, with lots of sound effects, engaging your attention and imagination. The Plimoth Adventure, Voyage of Mayflower makes history more personal for the listener” (Dean Carlisle, All Star Review)

Author: Jerry Robbins
Narrator: Jerry Robbins, The Colonial Radio Players
Duration: 51 minutes
Released: 11 Aug 2011
Publisher: The Colonial Radio Theatre on Brilliance Audio
Language: English

Listen The Plimoth Adventure – Voyage of Mayflower

User Review:

investigator limp

Loves it! I’ve always been fascinated with this time period. Thank you for this wonderful rendition.

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